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3 kinds of solid wood in black walnut color, how to choose furniture made of them?

Updated: May 10, 2022

This article helps you choose your favorite furniture by introducing the difference between North American Black Walnut, South American Walnut and Oak-walnut color.


Comparison of North American Black Walnut and South American Walnut Lumber

1. Differences between North American Black Walnut and South American Walnut

North American black walnut is the traditional authentic black walnut. South American walnut is a completely different species (Rosaceae),

but it is called walnut because it resembles North American black walnut.

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Compare the differences between North American black walnut and South American walnut in 6 aspects

Brief summary

If you have higher requirements for the texture of wood, please choose North American black walnut, which is black walnut in the traditional and authentic sense.

South American walnut is also an excellent option if you're looking for something more economical, and the wood is often indistinguishable unless someone has studied it extensively.

If we compare the two objects together, the color difference is almost non-existent, and the difference in wood grain is relatively small, but the texture is still clearly discernible.

The important point is that the physical difference will be greater than the difference in the photos.

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2. Comparison of South American Walnut and Oak

·Although the hardness is lower than oak, it belongs to the wood species with good hardness

According to the Janka hardness scale, oak has a hardness of approximately 1200-1300, black walnut has a hardness of approximately 1050, and South American walnut has a hardness of approximately 900.

Various types of pine in cork, Janka hardness between 350-680.

The hardness is just one of the properties of wood and is not absolutely proportional to its value.

North American black walnut, for example, has a hardness of about 1050, which is not very high among hardwoods, but its quality is very good and its yield is small, making it very precious and expensive. Cherry wood is the same way.

·South American walnut resembles black walnut more than oak

It's called that because it looks like black walnut in the wood grain. In comparison, if oak is also walnut in color, then [South American walnut] is closer to [North American black walnut].

·South American walnut is slightly more expensive than oak

The raw material price of South American walnut is much lower than that of black walnut, about half of the latter.

The finished product is about 20%-40% cheaper than North American black walnut after adding production and distribution costs.

3. There are differences in price and performance among the three walnut wood colors. How do I choose?

The three wood textures and the reasons for how to choose

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